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Katherine Topolniski

Expanding By: Katherine B. Topolniski Expansion happens naturally. Flowing and ebbing like droplets on the edge of an ocean, The space that brings them together, tears them all apart. Unabashed

Kendall Hunter

It’s not you – it’s me by: Katherine B. Topolniski I feel your strength every time I look at you. You want me to look at you always, But for me, there is more to see. Never changing, always

Patti Dyment

In the Air By. Katherine B. Topolniski Your dedication draws you outward. Upward. The wind passes through you, freeing your mind. Light’s façade romances your eyes; You can’t paint the clouds you

Jane Newman

Guardian of Solitude By: Katherine B. Topolniski A guardian of solitude is conceived at the timberline. She is encircled in poetic gatherings of sticks and feathers and stones. She bends in to

Karen Maiolo

Space without Limitation By: Katherine B. Topolniski A woman’s eyes open wide, as a young girl’s, to the sight of a great stone bird soaring through the overcast. Time and space melt into the

Janice Tanton

A New Dream by: Katherine B. Topolniski The dream of the dream of the dream unraveled, breathing a frustrated sigh through the window of a speeding rail car. The dream felt trapped, a fire waiting

Cori Brewster

The place that is By: Katherine B. Topolniski Momma always sang in the mountains, And we would sing along, my sisters and me. Daddy worked on the family legacy. I live a life that chose me. I

Marie-Eve Laflamme

Rejoining Threads By: Katherine B. Topolniski Competitively striving for the sake of mass consumption, connected instead to a relentless need for production. A depleting energy seeks resonance with

Lori Reid

Living in Radio By: Katherine B. Topolniski As the river flows, over toes, on it’s journey toward the ocean, music is born at bare feet. The heartbeat of the mountains and nature, so sonically in