Patti Dyment


In the Air

By. Katherine B. Topolniski

Your dedication draws you outward. Upward.
The wind passes through you, freeing your mind.

Light’s façade romances your eyes;
You can’t paint the clouds you see.
Be a mother of your view; create, nurture, reveal.

Landscapes offer stories as elements reorganize;
You share and honour what you see.
Build a relationship with it; reflect, don’t project.

Mercurial wilderness persistently refreshes a non-fiction reality.
Expectations are carried away and only reactions remain.

The privilege is yours, explore its potential.
Your anticipation draws you outward. Upward.

Patti’s Workspace

Patti Dyment has painted for most of her life and is always ready to learn and explore more about her craft, she has lived in Canmore sine 1985. Patti is passionate about Plein Air painting and often is on adventures into the wilderness with her paints.

Patti prefers to paint Plein Air, outside in nature with the landscapes she is capturing – she uses her well lit kitchen as her in-home studio to do final touches and paint when outdoors isn’t possible.

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