Katherine B Topolniski



portrait & lifestyle photographerPIN

I am a passionate + compassionate human,
I am a lover of light, love and life.

I practice photojournalism + love documentaries,
I readily embrace moments + memories,
I talk to strangers + see photographs everywhere,

I am a twin and I love that fact.
I love my life in Banff + I will travel at the drop of a hat.

I have a powerful desire to travel + explore,
Indigenous cultures fascinate me.

I love black + white 35mm film photography,
Find me in creative spaces, or in nature,
I love being outdoors + making photographs.

I actively use my imagination,
Ask questions + seek to form connections.

I am fond of the wind + I adore the sun,
Open windows + loose-leaf teas,
Leather-bound books, records + Nina Simone

I am madly in love with living.
Nothing feels better than giving.

I am endlessly inspired by the potential of our inner selves + outer universe.

I am available for bookings in Banff National Park, southern Alberta and beyond.
Please connect with me to inquire about a custom quote or discuss a project.