Lori Reid | Portrait

I loved photographing folky Bow Valley songstress, Lori Reid.

She is so lovely and so talented! Follow her updates on Facebook and give her a listen on ReverbNation.

Lori participated in Creators Mountains in 2013, and we had a blast taking a canoe ride up the Bow River to find the perfect fallen tree with roots exposed. When we found our perfect location, Lori hopped out of the canoe just as the sun was setting, bare feet and guitar in hand to start of our portrait session together.We only caught the last seconds of the sun, and then enjoyed a delightful, casual shoot filled with giggles and sultry looks. Photographing in those early minutes of dusk was epic, until the mosquitoes ruined the creative flow.

When I first moved to Banff and started up the Banff Coffee House, Lori Reid was readily willing to help out and share her talents. Lori was one of the first inspiring creative-types I met here in Banff, and I am so glad to call her a friend.

(PS. Shooting from the canoe was hilarious  – I wish someone had a camera on me as I tried to maneuver, anchor myself and shoot at the same time)

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