Katherine Topolniski

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By: Katherine B. Topolniski

Expansion happens naturally.
Flowing and ebbing like droplets on the edge of an ocean,
The space that brings them together, tears them all apart.
Unabashed rebellion of conformity in motion.

Visual leaps toward dynamic quality.
Experiences collected in an exercise of conscious fragmentation,
Do not let a mourning body deter you from your quest.
Exploring alternate realities of synthesized creation.

Seek the truth of your own identity.
Nameless soul, wandering a mountainous maze, your vibration sings.
Be not afraid of new beginnings, you are a melody in the wind.
Reverberate your wounds, and their pain will give you wings.

Love evaporates from your entity.
Even as you sit in wintry chill of stillness, you are not alone,
Your soul is of the sun, moon, and stars, united in the great everything.
Living in a universe where nothing is as you expect, but it’s home.

Katherine’s Workspace

After much consideration and deliberation, I decided to include myself in this first phase of this Creators Mountains project. I too am a woman on a creative journey here in Banff. I too have felt drawn to live here.

It all started 11 years ago, when I spent summers working in the remote, natural loveliness of Lake Agnes Tea House, this is a self portrait from the bak of the lake, (so far) my favourite place on earth.

My humble home-office, looking rather tidy. 🙂


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