Image is everything.

Photography for creatives, entrepreneurs and businesses.


Your professional image is key to your success. Whether you are a creative (musician, artist, writer, etc.), entrepreneur or a commercial business, the quality  of your photography truly matters. Quality photography will enhance your professional image and help to establish your value and contribute to your overall success.

I work in depth to understand how to best  communicate the voice of your brand / personal brand through uniquely distinctive photographs. I provide a holistic service including consultations before and after your photography session. I want you to get maximum value in working with me, have a clear understanding of how to get the best from your photography and how to use your it to enhance your success.

Our society and business culture is shifting to a people-centric focus. People buy from people they feel comfortable and connected with. This is why it is important for creatives, entrepreneurs and commercial businesses alike, to have authentic and expressive, professional portraits and promotional photography.

Photography portrays the distinct value of your professionalism, creativity and business.

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I offer a pre-designed packages and customized photography projects in Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise (the Bow Valley) and am readily available in Southern Alberta. I am available to travel across the province and Canada.

Photography packages are designed for savvy creatives, entrepreneurs & business who are seeking to create a polished professional image.

My background in marketing/communications and unique approach to value centric, story-telling enriches my commercial photography services. Consultations are used to help with the photography process. You will gain clarity on the value you provide, visually define your personal brand/brand voice and create photography that aligns with your marketing plans and strategic communications.

Photography Services & Fees