Packages & Fees

0121kbt_Danijela_144PINPhotography Services


image consultation | explore your personal brand/brand voice, photography needs & plan the photography session.
usage consultation | dive into image selection & licensing; learn how to use your images the  best for your needs.
*consultations are approx. 1 hour & are available over the phone (in-person within the Bow Valley). 

photographer’s selections | the best images from your shoot as low-resolution proofs, with a watermark, to make your final selections
enhancement processing | photographs are professionally processed, retouched, enhanced & resized to suit your needs
online media set | your selected photographs are optimized, labelled & ready for use across all social media platforms you use

photography license | 1yr release of photographs to use for marketing (copyright remains with KBT Photography)
KBT Key | 8GB memory key with your final portraits, all watermarked proofs, photography license info and extra storage space

Travel | travel within the Bow Valley corridor is included, additional mileage charges may apply for travel outside the valley.

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Authentic You: headshots | $545

 1 look | 1 location | 1 hr session | KBT Key: 2 Hi-Resolution Photographs + online media set

Ideal if you are a professional, entrepreneur, speaker, creative, actor/actress or politician who is cultivating a polished, professional image.

Dynamic You: profile portraits | $995

 2-3 looks | 2 locations | 2 hr session | KBT Key: 4 Hi-Resolution Photographs + online media set

Ideal if you are a professional (as above) who is cultivating a polished professional image and have a dynamic personality, skill set or service to portray to various audiences/markets. The consultation will reveal what style and image to portray in your photography to capture who you are in what you do. This can include photographs of your workspace/office or products as decided during the consultation process (additional fees may apply).

Press Kit Mini | $6450172kbtphotography__0182PIN

1-2 looks | 1 location | 1 hr session | KBT Key: 3 Hi-Resolution Images + online media set + Short Bio

Ideal if you are a creative who is taking steps to promote and market yourself (musicians/bands, visual artists & other dynamic, creative professionals). The consultation process with you combined with my marketing & communications experience will support developing a short Bio that will accompany your photography and enhance your press kit. (available for any professional)

Press Kit Biggie | $1015

 2 looks | 2 locations | 2 hr session | KBT Key: 5 Hi-Resolution Images + online media set + short Bio

Taking the Press Kit Mini up a level to include a more in depth look at your work as a creative professional, more photographs will tell a greater version of your unique story  and further support your marketing and promotional needs. (available for any professional)

Visual Booster Kits0107kbt_BlueBirdHandmade_003PIN

These are photographs you may choose to add to your package, they will be included on your KBT Key and also added into your License and Social Media Set. After the selection process you may find that you can use more photographs,  often they inspire new promotional ideas and uses. You can always revisit your proofs to select more photographs after the initial project is completed and purchase Visual Booster Kit at a later date.

Add 3 more Hi-Resolution Photographs | $395
Add 5 more Hi-Resolution Photographs | $645
Bulk Set – Hi-Resolution Photographs | customized pricing*


Custom Commercial/Editorial Photographykbtphotography_4116PIN

To get the best results for you and your business, consider collaborating with me to create a customized photography project. Schedule a consultation so I can create a customized estimate suited to your specific needs. A Creative Fee is applied to custom projects and the rate is determined on the complexity of the project.

Half Day (4hrs) | $800                        Full Day (8hrs) | $1500

Digital photographs are priced and sold according to the end-use and terms of a photography license. Bulk licensing is available for projects requiring 5+ final photographs. Expenses, travel, additional personnel and extensive post-processing/retouching will be included in project estimates.


* please inquire directly about custom pricing and estimates